Vegan Restaurant Guide: Papa John’s Pizza

Papa John’s is my favorite chain restaurant to get a vegan-friendly pie here in the USA. Here’s how I keep it plant-based at Papa John’s:

My Favorite Order

  • Crust: Regular pan
  • Sauce: Traditional red sauce
  • Toppings: Mushroom, onion, bell pepper
  • No cheese
  • Extra garlic dipping sauce

As with all pizza joints that do not offer vegan cheese, I opt for cheeseless, which I hate. But, in the case of Papa John’s, their vegan-friendly garlic dipping sauce completely makes up for for the lack of cheese with it’s greasy, garlic flavor. You are given one complimentary cup per pizza with additional cups coming at an additional cost. I recommend one cup for smalls and mediums and two cups for large pizzas. I found two cups for a large more than enough.

I highly recommend flavorful toppings to also help make up for lack of flavor, especially for those like me who hate cheeseless pizza. Onions and mushrooms are my go-to. Mushrooms, in particular, are often used to substitute for meaty flavors, such as in mushroom gravy, mushroom based vegan meat-loafs, etc. So, if you like mushrooms on pizza, I wouldn’t pass it up. Load on those flavorful veggies!


Papa John’s Pizza is, I would say, a mid-tier pizza place on par with restaurants like Round Table Pizza. Their food is perfectly good and their vegan options are pleasing. The pan crust is typically more soft than crunchy, which I enjoy, but lacks flavor. This is easily countered by dipping it in some of that garlic sauce. My biggest issue with Papa John’s is their lack of topping options. This may be a bit unfair, as I used to order my pizza from the higher-tier pizza places where they have more interesting options, but I do wish these cheaper chains would add a few more veggie staples.

Other than that minor gripe, Papa John’s Pizza is a perfectly passable place to get a vegan pizza. If you’re looking to try out Papa John’s for a vegan pie, check out this page on their website that explains how to build yourself a vegan-friendly pizza, listing all of the vegan-friendly toppings and sauces.

Now, go forth and eat vegan pizza!

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