Vegan Product Review: Popcorners Sweet Chili Snacks

If you’re not familiar with the brand, Popcorners are a line of “chips” made of popped corn. They come in various flavors (not all of which are vegan) and can be found at most grocery stores. Now, let’s get into the review.


I’m a bit biased because I am a huge fan of BBQ-flavored chips. You may be thinking, “But, those aren’t BBQ flavored.” Well, they kind of are. Two common ingredients in BBQ flavored snacks are garlic and paprika, both of which are prominent spices in this particular snack. As a connoisseur of BBQ snacks, they’re really just BBQ to me.

The chili does not mean it is spicy. I absolutely cannot handle spicy foods, and this is just fine for me. They truly are not spicy. As for the sweet, at first bite, it’s actually a bit too sweet. The sweet flavor is a bit too prominent in the first couple of bites. Luckily, a few chips in and the sweetness will dull a bit and you’ll be able to taste that savory bit.


Like many snacks, this is just empty calories. Corn, spices, sugar, and oil are the main ingredients here. Popped corn is considered a whole grain, but these popped corn snacks lack the kernels that get stuck in your teeth, so it’s not quite there. Overall, I recommend eating it in moderation an occasional treat rather than something you eat with lunch every day.


These are of the pricier snacks in the chip aisle. If you’re looking to get your salty-sweet fix for a cheaper price, I recommend just buying popcorn and seasoning it with garlic, paprika, and sugar or just getting a bag of Lays BBQ chips. Of course, they’re not ridiculously expensive. I’m biased here because I love being frugal.

Overall: Recommended!

If you love the texture and flavor of popped corn and salty-sweet flavor combinations, then you’re going to like it. Just buy in moderation for the sake of your health and your wallet.

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