Weekly Tips and Product Reviews (Taking a Break)

I know things have only just gotten started, but I must do what I must do. I am a full-time student and worker, and my time will be very limited, leaving little extra time for me to research and write larger posts.


I will be doing some smaller posts to keep up the habit and keep content streaming in.

For the foreseeable future, I will be doing weekly lifestyle tips. They will be added to my new page in the menu “Lifestyle Tips.” Included will be tips for green living, nutrition, fitness, etc.

Additionally, I will be doing weekly posts that are less research-based and, therefore, easier for me to write. These will include product reviews, restaurant reviews, recipes, and workout regimens.

I also plan on picking up my Instagram posts with more cute Pokemon GO AR photos and perhaps some pics of my feline roommates.

The content will still come out weekly on Saturday at 6:00 PM.

So, stick around! I may be busy, but I will do my best to keep content coming.

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